How to Use Zapier to Automatically Market Your Business

Using Social Proof

One of the things that I love, love, love to do in my business is to get myself out of it. No, I’m not lazy, as you know from past articles the goal of any business owner is to get yourself out of the day to day grind.

One of the ways that I do this is through web applications that allow you to automate certain tasks. One app is called “If This Is Then That” and the other is called “Zapier”. The former is free and the latter is a premium product, but both personally awesome.

My Zapier

They essentially allow you to connect one web application to another and automate output to those web applications based on triggers that you set. Yes, it sounds complicated but it’s super easy and both of their user interfaces walk you through the entire process.

Marketing Your Business Automatically Using Zapier

If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” then you’d know that one of the most important psychological tools that you can use when marketing your business is social proof. The only problem with social proof is that you either have to get your customers to write testimonials, or yet to spend time yourself posting news about your products and services.

Well, what if you could have social proof done for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all automatically. Not only that – the social proof is done in a way that attracts new customers very easily.

Okay enough talk, let’s get into it…

So, since Zapier allows you to connect one application to another and automatically run actions based on triggers that you set, why not post a special message on Facebook whenever someone buys your product? Awesome idea, huh?My Zapier Zaps

The above picture is what is automatically shown any time someone who is absolutely brand spanking new buys a product from my other business site “The Online Empire Academy”.

Now, they have to be a completely new customer for this to happen but essentially what’s going on is a person is being tagged in our Infusionsoft CRM and once they have that tag applied to them Zapier notices it and pulls the person’s information along with the product that they just purchased and creates a Facebook page post.

The really cool thing is that you’re able to somewhat personalize every post that happens. I usually use just a person’s first name and then the product that they buy but you can use a whole host of other variables.

Now, the one thing that I love to do is to put a link back to our website where the person purchased their product originally. I’ve noticed that as we are running Facebook advertising back to our Facebook page people see these and want to get in on the action.

There have been numerous times when somebody brand spanking new bought into some of our more expensive products that would be unusual if there were no social proof behind it. Because people landing on our Facebook page see that other people are purchasing our products they feel comfortable in doing it too.


There are numerous other ways that you can use tools like Zapier to get you out of having to do the daily mundane tasks that you typically have to do in a business.

Remember, if you are building a business the number one goal should be to build something that’s bigger than yourself and that can run without you. This is just one of the easier ways to do that.

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