Getting It Done Like the Saints: St. Gianna Beretta Molla

With the pro-life battle raging in the U.S.  legislature, I thought that it be fitting to look at the life of the most popular pro-life saint (they are all pro-life, obviously) from the 20th century.  I venture to say that just about everyone who is Catholic and actually practices their faith knows who St. Gianna is.  In short, she was a physician that gave up her life in order for her child to come into the world.  The great thing about her that I find most attractive – other than the fact that she was very cosmopolitan and a purveyor of the latest fashions of her day – is that she was a working professional.

List of Lists: 10 Ways to Hack Your Habits

I have always been jealous of how many of the saints were able to get a thousand things done in a day, do so on 2-4 hours of sleep, and when they weren’t praying they were able to learn more stuff in a few days than a normal human could in a few years.  Of course, they were able to do all of this by the grace of God and through their daily reception of the Eucharist,  but for the rest of us who are struggling just to find time to pray one rosary a day – I thought a little cheating might be in order.

My Favorite Productivity Web Apps of 2009

The web is full of tools out there that claim to help you to be more productive, and for the most part they are right.  The problem is that with all of these applications, it is very easy for all of your tasks, events, and documents to become fragmented. It’s hard to resist the urge to try out the latest and greatest web app out there (yes guys, I am looking in your direction) just for the sake of trying it out.  Therefore, I thought that I’d give my picks for the top productivity focused web applications of 2009.  These are all apps that I use on a daily basis, and you would find me in a fetal position off in the corner if I were ever left without them.  I assure you that these are not original or spectacular, but they’ve allowed me to get things done.

Learning to Do, and Not to Do

Video runtime: 5 minutes

For the past few days, I have been wracking by brain as to how a Catholic view of work and success could be sharply distinguished from a secular view. There are a whole host of people out there like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, and Ramit Sethi teach us to care, and not to carethat have great ideas on how to be fulfilled in what you do, but is that all that is needed to be completely happy? If it were,  just doing what you are passionate about in the most efficient way possible would bring complete happiness and there would be no need for religion or philosophy at all. To me, there had to be something lacking in secular methods of productivity.

Productive Catholic Book Review: Trust Agents

Originally, I was hesitant to do book reviews on this blog because I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate for it’s theme. But after reading Trust Agents, my tune was changed. In fact, this particular book – while its direct subject is not productivity – it indirectly teaches its readers to leverage social media to accomplish projects more efficiently than can ever be done otherwise. For that, I thought it necessary to write about it.

Share Your Productivity with Producteev

The Getting Things Done™ framework is great and has revolutionized the way many people handle tasks and projects.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate with others who also use GTD in a way that is seemless and easily accessible?  Producteev™ allows you to do just that – and more! 

Simple To-Do Lists Don't Work (At Least for Men)

Imagine this: You just finish with one of the busiest days that you’ve had all month.  You studiously write all of your outstanding tasks neatly on lined paper so you won’t forget what you need to accomplish tomorrow, then you pack up and head out. The next morning you sit at your desk, pull out your list of action items and. . . instant paralysis.

It is great to write tasks down as soon as you get them, but what happens next?  Without a method to determine when or how a task should be fulfilled, it is impossible to reach your full productivity potential.

Optimize Your Monthly Finances: Credit Cards

Video runtime – 5:24

Part of being productive is getting rid of the barriers that divert you from the significant things that you should be doing. For many of us – especially nowadays – a big hindrance to productivity is money. Rather, it is worrying about money. In this video, I will offer some tips and strategies to optimize your credit card use in order to build a solid monthly financial strategy, or to stop already increasing debt.

Ultimate Singletasking: Unplug to Increase Your Focus

As most of you probably know, singletasking is the new multitasking.  But sometimes it’s difficult to remain focused on a single task when you have so many outlets in which others can easily demand your time.  Cell phones, Internet access, and even person-to-person contact can distract you from an important project.  Darrell Etherington suggests that you can get a whole lot more done on the web by disconnecting yourself from it and other distractions.

3 Windows Applications That Will Make You More Productive

Last time, I wrote about three productivity apps for Linux users that were designed to help you get things done quickly. Now just because I prefer Linux to Windows doesn’t mean that it would be right for me to ignore the vast majority of folks that enjoy using a lesser operating system (just kidding). Actually, Windows offers a lot when it comes to productivity applications – far more than Mac or Linux. Here is a list of my top three Windows applications that can help you get things done!

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