Coping with stressful changes, your vocation, and the real reason why you need a productivity system

We live in difficult times, and stressful changes are sometimes imposed on us by people and circumstances. Sometimes, too, we choose to changes our life, it gets difficult, and we feel like we’re biting more than we can chew.
These scary times might contain a hidden treasure, offering us the opportunity to think back about what truly matters, find the real function of a productivity system, and make our vocation a real thing.

To-Do Lists, Strategic Thinking And Focus: The Art Of Defining Useful Tasks

This is the first guest post on Productive Catholic, and I must say that’s it’s pretty darn good.  If you want a great introduction on how to use tasks as a means to get things done, look no further.  Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to give Jean-Rémy a…

How to Wake Up Early the Easy Way

I have never been an early riser.  Even in the military I was never able to get in the habit of waking up at a reasonable time.  Unfortunately, now that I am a father and husband I realize that the earlier I wake up, the easier it is for me to get things done that would otherwise jeopardize family time.  That being said, I have had to devise tools of forcing myself to wake up a couple hours earlier than I normally would.  Some are obvious, and some are creative, but hopefully all of them work to help wake you up!