Thursday Time Waster: Achievment Unlocked

Similar to “Upgrade Complete“, Achievement Unlocked offers you non-stop feel-good achievement unlocking action. Nearly everything you do on the game unlocks some sort of achievement.  If you have low self-esteem issues and want to win a lot of awards to make you feel awesome – this is the game for you.

6 Steps to Developing a Successful Youth Ministry Program

Nothing sparks a fire in the life of a parish quite like a thriving youth ministry program.  Unfortunately, many churches – although their heart may be in the right place – have no idea how to develop a lively program that lasts.  Well, if you are a youth leader, pastor, or a Catholic that wants to help turn your parish’s dull and dying youth ministry program around – you are in luck.  Here are some tips that will turn your program from drab to fab!

Thursday Time Waster: Upgrade Complete!

All work and no play makes you pretty dull.  So, why not spend the end of your day decompressing with some prayer, a glass of wine, and a mindless flash game?  Upgrade Complete! is a complete satire on games that over-emphasize upgrading your character stats.  The problem is, even though it is a satire it is very addictive.