Simple To-Do Lists Don't Work (At Least for Men)

Imagine this: You just finish with one of the busiest days that you've had all month.  You studiously write all of your outstanding tasks neatly on lined paper so you won't forget what you need to accomplish tomorrow, then you pack up and head out. The next morning you sit at your desk, pull out your list of action items and. . . instant paralysis.

It is great to write tasks down as soon as you get them, but what happens next?  Without a method to determine when or how a task should be fulfilled, it is impossible to reach your full productivity potential.

Ultimate Singletasking: Unplug to Increase Your Focus

As most of you probably know, singletasking is the new multitasking.  But sometimes it's difficult to remain focused on a single task when you have so many outlets in which others can easily demand your time.  Cell phones, Internet access, and even person-to-person contact can distract you from an important project.  Darrell Etherington suggests that you can get a whole lot more done on the web by disconnecting yourself from it and other distractions.