5 Catholic Social Networking Sites That You Should Know About

Social networking is the quickly becoming the premiere means of developing strong and communicative groups that would otherwise be unable to function on a large scale.  Unfortunately, not everyone is jumping on the web 2.0 bandwagon as quickly as they should (Catholic Church… I’m looking in your direction…).  While it may be forgivable for a parish to not have an up-to-date website, it is simply a sin not to take advantage web 2.0 phenomenon.  Fortunately, there are some fantastic Catholics out there that realize the importance of modern communication as a means of evangelization and fellowship.  Here are 5 blossoming Catholic social networking sites that you should check out right now!

6 Steps to Developing a Successful Youth Ministry Program

Nothing sparks a fire in the life of a parish quite like a thriving youth ministry program.  Unfortunately, many churches – although their heart may be in the right place – have no idea how to develop a lively program that lasts.  Well, if you are a youth leader, pastor, or a Catholic that wants to help turn your parish’s dull and dying youth ministry program around – you are in luck.  Here are some tips that will turn your program from drab to fab!

3 Ways for Families to Get the Most from Mass

Becoming a parent definitely changes the rules when it came to Mass attendance.  Often, you are likely to find yourself focused on your children rather than on the celebration.  While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it is probably not the best situation to be in.  How can you make the most of Mass and take care of your family at the same time?  Here are some tips that should help.