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Episode #12: DVD Giveaway to Start Your Passion

Okay all of you awesome Catholics out there. The Church needs you, and the world needs you to get out there and start talking about your passion. We are all designed by God for a specific purpose, and there are too many non-Catholics out there that are leaving us in the dust when it comes to living out our purpose. We need Catholics out there that are not afraid to do what they were made to do. As I’ve said many times before, not all of us were made to be theologians, but all of us were given special talents from God – and now is the time to start using them and get a free DVD (and possibly a book) at the same time! Continue Reading →


Book Review: Escape from Cubicle Nation

Wow, I had a few paragraphs written about this book already and the – BOOM! – my browser crashed and I lost everything.  Maybe that was a sign from God that my original review was pretty crappy.  Well, first off I want to say that I finished this book about a month ago.  Usually I don’t wait that long to do a book review, but there were a lot of suggestions and tips from the author that I wanted to verify actually worked or at least had some value.  Continue Reading →


FreshBooks: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

I’ve had my own IT consulting business for a couple of months now.  It’s called Pro Sulum, LLC, and right off the bat I was able to make a good impression to multiple customers. Aside from trying to be the best at what I do, and save my customers as much money as possible on their technology needs (or wants), what really made a big impact is the fact that they were able to do business (from start to finish) with me through the web. This was made possible through FreshBooks, a fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services that help you manage your business. Continue Reading →


Productive Catholic Book Review: Trust Agents

Originally, I was hesitant to do book reviews on this blog because I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate for it’s theme. But after reading Trust Agents, my tune was changed. In fact, this particular book – while its direct subject is not productivity – it indirectly teaches its readers to leverage social media to accomplish projects more efficiently than can ever be done otherwise. For that, I thought it necessary to write about it. Continue Reading →


Three False Ideas about Productivity

As I was making my rounds through my favorite entrepreneur and productivity blogs today, I found an article at Lifehack.org that really made me consider the definition of what productivity is.  Rather, I should say that it encouraged me to define what productivity is not so that could better determine what exactly is meant by being productive. I couldn’t help but feel that the premise of the article was wrong. Continue Reading →