In This Economy, People Need You to Invest in Them

Video runtime: 4 1/2 minutes.

Although the media has been alluding to the idea that the economy is turning upward, the continual rise of unemployment seems to paint a different picture.  However, this post is not a political one.  This article is a call for help, and you are the only person that can answer that call.  Are you sick of me telling you that you need to use your God-given talents to save the Church?  Well, guess what… I am sick of saying it!  But if you are tired of my ideas on how to tithe your time, what if I were to ask you to use your talents to save your neighbor’s life?

Get Your Read On with Stanza

It’s been out for a while now, but for those of you that enjoy reading good books for FREE – you may want to give Stanza a try.  Stanza is available for the iPhone, Mac, and PC, and will give you a professor-size library at the click of a button. 

8 Catholic and Not-So-Catholic Sites for a Free Education

Education has always been an integral part of the Church since its creation. Now, before you get all uppity and retort with something like, “yeah, whatever! The Catholic Church repressed Galileo and . . . blah blah” just humor me when I say that the Church is really a friend of education and not its oppressor. I think that the Catholic Encyclopedia at says it best when they assert “This history of education records no greater undertaking; for the task was not one of improving or perfecting, but of creating and had not the Church gone vigorously about her work, modern civilization would have been retarded for centuries.” (I love that quote. Yes it’s real).

Supercharged Home Schooling with Watchknow

I have a question for all of you home schoolers:  Have you ever ran out of resources on a particular subject?  Well, Watchknow aims change all that by amassing a plethora of valuable educational resources in one place. Their goal is to allow your children to leverage the power of the new media in order to get advice from subject matter experts from around the world.