Impassibility of the Resurrected Body

Wow.  Trust me, you are not alone in wondering what the heck the title of this post means.  I don’t usually do this on Productive Catholic, but @HumanaeVitae suggested that I try this post last night when I got writer’s block and couldn’t think of a good post.  The question of impassibility is in various places of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, but as my friend pointed out Question 82 of the supplement to the Summa is where the meat is.  Rather than writing a whole treatise on the concept (since that has already been done by St. Thomas) I though that I’d make a short video that detailed my thoughts on the subject.  In short, you will see that the problem of impassibility is nothing a little alcohol can’t fix.

6 Steps to Developing a Successful Youth Ministry Program

Nothing sparks a fire in the life of a parish quite like a thriving youth ministry program.  Unfortunately, many churches – although their heart may be in the right place – have no idea how to develop a lively program that lasts.  Well, if you are a youth leader, pastor, or a Catholic that wants to help turn your parish’s dull and dying youth ministry program around – you are in luck.  Here are some tips that will turn your program from drab to fab!