Impassibility of the Resurrected Body

Wow.  Trust me, you are not alone in wondering what the heck the title of this post means.  I don’t usually do this on Productive Catholic, but @HumanaeVitae suggested that I try this post last night when I got writer’s block and couldn’t think of a good post.  The question of impassibility is in various places of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, but as my friend pointed out Question 82 of the supplement to the Summa is where the meat is.  Rather than writing a whole treatise on the concept (since that has already been done by St. Thomas) I though that I’d make a short video that detailed my thoughts on the subject.  In short, you will see that the problem of impassibility is nothing a little alcohol can’t fix.

Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Michael Cumbie

Matthew Warner over at the Fallible Blogma is sponsoring a cause to support various Catholic speakers.  Essentially, bloggers from around the world are encouraged to support a Catholic speaker and help them to get their name in the spotlight so they can better share their message.  Please head over to Fallible Blogma to check out a whole host of fantastic Catholic speakers being supported.

When I first saw Matthew Warner’s call to help support a Catholic speaker, my first reaction was to find Peter Kreeft and do a write up on him.  I was excited, ecstatic, and all those other words to describe my feeling of giddiness at the thought of telling the world about my favorite Philosopher.  To my dismay, my dreams were smashed by another blogger who was far more quick on the draw than I.  Mournfully, I perused around the list of speakers looking for another to support.  Not thinking too much of it, I randomly picked the name of an orator that I knew absolutely nothing about. To my surprise, I found more than I had bargained for.

Getting It Done Like the Saints: Saint Therese

Last time, we saw how Saint Thomas More got most things done before we even had a chance to wake up. Now we are going toward the opposite spectrum. In honor of the feast day of Saint Therese (on October 1st), I thought it fitting to see how she got things done.  While her approach was different, it was still just as powerful and allowed her to change the face of the world as we know it.

You Really Should Outsource Your Church Staff…

I am sure you want to hurt me after reading such an inane title, but lately I have been thinking about how it would be possible to save money at parishes, while at the time improving the entire parish organization.  My solution would be to hire a staff with superior expertise in business administration, design and media, and web development.  Oh, and they would also happen to live in another country.  Don’t believe me?  Well, by using Elance or Guru to outsource, you can make a marketing and administrative team that is comparable to a Fortune 500 company.  In most cases – because the labor is so inexpensive – you wouldn’t even need to let go of your current staff.

Make Your Own Holy Day of Obligation Reminder Widget

Tim Bartel from the fantastic Golden Arrow blog asked the following question on one of my Wordpress plugin posts:

Do you know where i can find a widget for inserting a U.S. Holy Days of Obligation reminder on my blog?

Well Tim, I think I have just the thing for you.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a specific plugin out there that had all of the holy days of obligations listed, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t jury rig a little sompin’ sompin’. 

Who is the Best Catholic Speaker of 2009?

Matthew Warner, over at his blog Fallible Blogma, is having a poll to determine who is the best Catholic speaker of 2009.  Of course, it’s no contest that Peter Kreeft and Christopher West are the best. But for some reason they are running behind in the race.

Help the Church by Tithing Smarter

What do you do when you see that your parish is wasting the money that you tithed on things that don’t effectively bring the gospel to those who need it?  How can you ensure that ministries that you support get the necessary funds to stay alive?  What if your parish is missing out on an opportunity to win more souls for Christ?  The answers to these questions – and many others – can only be resolved by out-of-the-box tithing Catholics like you.

Simple To-Do Lists Don't Work (At Least for Men)

Imagine this: You just finish with one of the busiest days that you’ve had all month.  You studiously write all of your outstanding tasks neatly on lined paper so you won’t forget what you need to accomplish tomorrow, then you pack up and head out. The next morning you sit at your desk, pull out your list of action items and. . . instant paralysis.

It is great to write tasks down as soon as you get them, but what happens next?  Without a method to determine when or how a task should be fulfilled, it is impossible to reach your full productivity potential.

How to Easily Add the Catholic Liturgical Calendar to Google Calendar

Updated for 2011!

Big thank you to Catholic Faith Education for providing this update on their site: “Very easy to do indeed and in only a few clicks. Note that the Universalis Web site has been redesigned since this blog article was written and the link to the yearly calendar is now situated on the left hand side and not at the top of the page as indicated in the article.”

One of the staples of Catholicism is its liturgical calendar. The Catholic liturgical calendar takes us on a journey through the life of Christ, the saints, and the Church every year – and helps to share in the joys and sorrow that are intrinsic to the human experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to the liturgical calendar in your Google Calendar without having to input each day yourself? Well it’s possible, and very easy!

6 Steps to Developing a Successful Youth Ministry Program

Nothing sparks a fire in the life of a parish quite like a thriving youth ministry program.  Unfortunately, many churches – although their heart may be in the right place – have no idea how to develop a lively program that lasts.  Well, if you are a youth leader, pastor, or a Catholic that wants to help turn your parish’s dull and dying youth ministry program around – you are in luck.  Here are some tips that will turn your program from drab to fab!

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