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004 PC Podcast: Effectively Working and Studying with JR Duboc


In this episode, our first special guest – J.R. Duboc – talks about how he manages to balance his busy work, doctoral studies, and Catholic spiritual life.  Not only that, he still manages  to find time to write articles for this blog!  Amazing.  I also answer an email question from a seminarian that desires to be a good priest and pastor!

Carlos, a seminarian from Edmonton, Canada, asked if I could give him some resources that he could use to organize his time and tasks more efficiently.  Rather than bog him down with long winded articles from my site (ha!) I shot him three resources that I believe are key to finding a way to better organize your time.

In  the interview with J.R., we discuss why GTD is the productivity method of choice for this French Catholic.  The surprising thing is that, although he is an advocate for GTD, he is very honest in relaying that it took him about 2 years to fully implement it into a habit.  Forming productive habits is necessary in order to perform extraordinary work.  It’s just like prayer, unless you form the habit it’s unlikely that you will excel spiritually.

We also talk about how being productive and efficient with your work is actually very much inline with Church Teaching.  In fact, J.R. notes that David Allen’s (creator of GTD) ideas about work come very close to the philosophy of JPII in regards to sanctity and purpose through labor (see his encyclical on human work.  very cool stuff).  Work makes you holy, but working as efficiently and effectively as possible (using that noggin of yours) makes you even holier.

Overall, this is an exciting interview that you won’t want to miss.  I’d love to hear your questions and feedback for either me or J.R.!  Leave me a voicemail 24/7 at 714-643-5301.