Sleep Experiment Update: Ups and Downs

Devin over at Saint Joseph’s Vanguard wanted me to keep him updated on the sleep experiment that I’ve been doing.  And whatever Devin wants, Devin gets ;).

Anyway, so here’s a quick update on my crazy sleep schedule:

  • vector clockDifficulty getting up Although I’m not going to say that it’s easy, things have been going pretty well with this whole thing. Over the past week my daily average of sleep is anywhere between 4.5 to 6.5 hours of sleep. I did have some bumps along the road though, and I haven’t followed the cycle completely, but overall I am sleeping a LOT less than I used to (formerly 8 – 10 hours a day).  I think the primary problem that I have in the mornings is the feeling of “it’s so early and nobody is awake, I should be sleeping.” Even though I may not be tired, I will go back to sleep just because of that.
  • Feeling throughout the day – Overall, I feel a whole lot better throughout the day doing this schedule.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, even when I would sleep 8 – 10 hours, I would still be tired and groggy throughout the day.  Now, even with almost half as much sleep I am more awake and productive throughout the day.  Pretty sweet.
  • Health – I exercise regularly and don’t see any health impact from the cycle.  In fact, I tend to exercise more simply because I feel like I need something to do toward the end of the night that doesn’t require brain work.
  • Work – This was another surprise.  Prior to this cycle, I would tend to almost doze off  in meetings.  I still do, but not nearly as much.  Overall, my productivity has increased at work, I have time after work for my side business projects, and things seem to be more in balance.
  • Family –  Family time with this sleep schedule was a big concern.  For the most part it’s been positive, especially on the weekends now that daddy isn’t sleeping in until 9:30am while everyone else has been up for 2 hours.  There have been some times here and there where I have missed a nap during the day and needed to take one in the evening, but even with that it’s been fine.  I do sleep in sometimes on the weekend until 7:30am depending on how I am feeling ;).

So there it is…  It’s been a few weeks, but all is going well and personally I feel that the schedule works fine.  I have more time to do side projects, be with family, exercise, and do whatever.  Personally, the best part about it all is the sense of accomplishment knowing that I am not stuck being that guy that needed 10 hours of sleep in order to feel rested.

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  • Devin Rose

    Reply Reply March 17, 2014

    Very good to hear how it is going thus far. I don’t have the same problem you did getting lots of sleep but still feeling dog tired during the day at times. But I wonder if I could cut back my sleep like this and make more progress on projects. Want to hear how you continue to do it.

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