Two Sites That Will Make You a Better Person


For a guy, it’s good every now and then to get a swift kick in the arse every now and then in order to avoid laziness and mediocrity.  It may not feel good, but holy moley is it worth it in the end.

That being said, I’m going to share with you two sites that always give me the kick in the but that I need in order to get back on the man track.

Saint Joseph’s Vanguard

Devin Rose over at Saint Joseph’s vanguard is a machine.  Even though his site focuses on apologetic (he is a convert to the faith from protestantism), I really have no idea how he is able to do all of the things that he does.

He has a full-time job, consistently writes on his blog (which is a difficult feat in itself), just moved to a farm, and writes amazing books.  When you see all of the stuff that he does it’s pretty crazy. Oh, and his apologetics is spot on as well.  He is very logical and witty.

Classical Liberal Arts Academy News

My current teacher/professer/headmaster, or whatever you want to call him, William Michael not only runs a Catholic Classical Liberal Arts school online, he is probably the most efficient and busiest guy that I know.  What’s even better is that just about every week he puts out an article that usually makes me squirm as I’m reading it.  Not that the content is bad or erroneous but that it’s a slap in the face or a bucket full of cold water.

Take the above-linked article for example.  If you are a parent (an honest one), you’ll appreciate this little pearl of wisdom:

Children are not puppets to be manipulated by parents for their own social status.  The motivation behind the over-scheduled modern suburban children is not the will of best interests of the child.  It is often the egomania of the parents who are seeking to use their children to create photo opportunities for their Facebook page or desk at the office.  The children are dragged and pushed from one random activity to the next, day after day, with no realistic plan for their future.  That’s not parenting.

I know that I am guilty of everything in this paragraph and it’s helped to make some big changes in how I view parenting.  (I still squirm a little as I read it).

Anyway, check these two sites out.  It’s awesome to see two Catholic men get things done and not make excuses.  If they can kick ass for the Lord, so can you and I.

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  • Devin Rose

    Reply Reply May 27, 2014

    Thanks Dean! And I follow The Michael’s family farm blog. He has very thought provoking articles.

    • Dean Soto

      Reply Reply May 27, 2014

      Yeah, well… his articles there are too challenging for me. Haha j/k.

      Seriously though, I’ve been researching moving to a more rural location and it’s looking like it’s going to happen within the next 1 -2 years and when I read his stuff there it makes me want to move even more. He has some online classes that teach about farming and I think I am going to sign up for prior to making the leap. We’ll see 😉

  • david

    Reply Reply January 20, 2016

    Thanks for advertising the resources Dean. I love the inspiration to more productive through my faith, but a kick in the pants is what I need today…

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