These are all of the tools that I use or have used in my business and blogging career.  Some of them are affiliate links, so I get a little bit of a commission from them.  All of these products I recommend because they are AWESOME!.

Best Business Books

  • The Silent Sales Machine – Probably the #1 book for people that are just starting out with the whole idea of being an entrepreneur.  I love it because it isn’t a theory book.  It gives you very easy steps to start selling things on your own.  I know many people that have used this book to grow very profitable businesses that support their families.
  • Rework – A book by the creators of Basecamp.  These guys were able to create a multi-million dollar business that runs with less than 20 people.  This book is a series of quick topics that are extremely powerful and contradict what most non-entrepreneurs think entrepreneurship is.  The principles in this book have literally made me thousands of dollars.
  • Million Dollar Consulting – Although it’s not a book on sales, this book is the reason I had a 60%+ success rate on all of my sales calls when I was doing web consulting. If you are doing any type of service business, the stuff that Alan Weiss Teaches is amazing and worth every penny.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – This book will change the way you look at money.  I don’t like the second half of the book because I think it’s outdated and there are far better things to do with your money, but the first half of the book (especially the story of his “Rich Dad” is a life-changer).  If you haven’t read this book, you need to.


  • Outright – Let’s you keep track of expenses and income that are outside of billable work.  It also reminds you of when you need to file certain tax documents and what your estimated taxes are.  It’s no longer totally free, but still great.

Video Editing


Web Hosting

  • Bluehost – Been using them for almost 5 years now and I’ve never been disappointed.  Anytime there was a problem, they either fixed it immediately or helped me to fix something that I cause on my end.  The best part about them is that unlike a lot of hosting services, they still have phone support.  Ha!  They are fantastic.

File Hosting

Project Management

  • Basecamp – I recently switched back to Basecamp from Manymoon because it’s so much easier for my clients to use.


  • MindMeister – Great mind mapping tool online.  Works well.  Their iPhone app is crap though.
  • iThoughts – The reason why I don’t use MindMeister‘s app.  This iPhone app is amazing and exports to multiple formats.  I used this to create an outline for my ebooks as well.

Hiring in General

  • – The point of hiring a VA is to have a trusting and valuable relationship.  If you are a loyal reader, you know how much I despise most services out there that charge a fee to connect with a virtual assistant (transactions fees etc and don’t let you contact them via email).  I’ve been with for about 5 years now and they are AWESOME.  I find all of my vitual assistants there.

Hiring for Design, audio, and more

  • Fiverr – An easy way to get the best of the best designers to create website designs (and other things).


  • Zapier – I use Zapier to automate the integration of many of my apps.  For example, I use Zapier to automatically process and upload my podcast audio files.  Once they are processed and uploaded I also have Zapier create a draft WordPress post with a link to the processed file.  This literally saves me about 45 minutes worth of work each podcast.


WordPress – If you are going to build a website please use WordPress (not but  It’s amazing and easy. There is a free course on how to use it at

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