026 PC Podcast: A Wonderful Rose is Now On the Podcast

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No, this is not one of those gorgeous roses that you give to you your sweetheart for Valentine’s day – it’s even better!

From now on, the Productive Catholic Podcast will now feature Devin Rose from Saint Joseph’s Vanguard and author of The Protestant’s Dilemma.  Devin is an amazing Catholic with an great story and we’ve partnered up to try to bring even more tips and advice for Catholic dads and husbands on how to provide more for their family through learning how to grow independent income.

It’s so exciting to be able to have Devin on the podcast for a number of reasons, but one big reason is because he has a story of success and failure that not only shows that you can survive anything that the Devil throws at you, but that the risk is worth the reward.

In this Podcast we talk about the future of the Productive Catholic Podcast and also give some quick overview tips on what it takes to start your own Catholic business in the first place.  One thing that you’ll hear throughout the entire podcast though is that in order to start a business or sustain it, you will need to sacrifice a lot.  But that’s what we are called to do as husbands and fathers, we sacrifice for our family. Devin talks about his crazy schedule that he has right now and Dean shares about his friend that completely stopped talking to him because of a blog post that he did.

Look, it’s not that having an employer is a bad thing.  Sometimes having an employer can be a great thing! However, to be utterly dependent on an employer can be a bad thing.

We love your questions and comments.  If you have any questions for Devin or Dean that you’d like to hear on the podcast, leave a comment in the comment section below and we’ll make it happen.

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