How to Write 3 Times Faster Than Everyone Else

how to write faster

In this article I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I’m almost afraid to share. I recently received an email from a reader that, while they loved the content that they were getting via my email newsletter, they were shocked that I was able to send so much and so often. They asked if I ever slept (well, I do sleep but not nearly as much as everyone else).

That being said, I’m gonna let you in on my little secret as to how I write so much faster than everyone else. Trust me, it’s not because I have fingers there as fast as lightning, it’s because I’m a cheater.

You can speak over 300 words per minute very easily

Did you know that while it’s hard for a lot of people to type over 100 words per minute, the average person that speaks is saying over 300 words per minute?

(I’m sure you know someone who probably speaks over 1000 words per minute and never stops talking)

Yup, that’s right, we speak much faster than we can write even with the keyboard. So if you aren’t already on to my little secret, here it is…

Using your voice to write faster and blog faster than anyone else

So I use a product called Dragon Naturally Speaking (Dragon Dictate for Mac) and it has revolutionized the way that I develop content.

Being an entrepreneur, I don’t have time to waste. Anything that can help me to not only save time, but also deliver a quality product is something that I will invest in without hesitation.

I love being able to write super fast, create content on a regular basis, and not have to worry about misspellings all the time (yes, I correct my spelling a lot less when I’m dictating with my voice than I do while I’m typing.).

Don’t believe me? Check out the video that I created below to see how I create my content:

video placeholder

Pretty cool, huh? Of course, it does take getting used to but that’s actually easier than you think (there was a typo in the last sentence by the way) ;).

Getting used to typing with your voice

I think one of the hardest things to get use to while you are learning how to dictate with your voice is speaking out the punctuations of a sentence. I would try to speak out a sentence, and as soon as a punctuation mark came up my entire train of thought would disappear.

One way that I found to easily get in the habit of speaking punctuation marks is to use your smart phone.

Most smart phones by default, with some kind of voice recognition app. These apps allow you to not only do things on the phone using your voice, but also to type. Most of the text messaging that I do I accomplish with my voice.


Well, the more that I use my voice to type, the more I get in the habit of speaking punctuations. When you send text messages with your voice, or write an email on your phone using your voice, you’ll soon start to see that when you speak all of the punctuation marks your train of thought won’t be broken.

The cool thing about using your phone to is that more often than not the voice recognition software can only handle a certain amount of audio to transcribe into text. That means that you have about 20 seconds to form a good couple of sentences before it cuts you off. This trains you to be faster, think about what you’re saying, and also pack as much as you can into that 20 seconds.

What about the cons of voice typing?

As voice recognition technology continues to get better and better, you start to see that it’s much more time-consuming to type normally than it is to type with your voice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a blog post on my keyboard only to go back and fix a ton of typos that I didn’t notice as I was typing.

With the voice recognition, there are definitely still some typos, but more often than not they are easily spotted as you are typing.

I think the only drawback is the time, energy, and habits that need forming in the beginning. It was so frustrating to have an entire paragraph in your mind and then have it completely disappear as soon as you needed to say some kind of punctuation mark. Other than that, I’ve had a ton of success and a lot of fun typing with my voice. In fact, writing a brand-new book right now and I’m about 20% done with it because of using voice recognition.


I’m sure it’s not for everybody, but I love being able to write what’s on my mind without having to do it on a keyboard. The better that you get typing with your voice, the easier it is to write long and valuable content without having to spend a ton of time on it.

So there you have it, my secret. Don’t tell anyone though, okay? We’ll just keep it between you and me. 🙂

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