How to Get Something Done Even When You Don’t Know How

How to Outsource

Everybody has constraints – the best thing that you can do is embrace them.

If you’ve heard my story about how I became a Catholic entrepreneur, you know how one of the most frustrating things about being in business is that you never have enough time. Now, just because you don’t have enough time doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to do nothing.

People are great at excuses even though there are very few excuses that actually excuse not taking action.

There are always contraints

No matter who you are or how successful you are, there are always constraints.  It may be not having enough capital, enough time, enough knowledge, etc.

They key to overcoming these constraints is to embrace them.

If you don’t have capital, use your time to work on things.  If you don’t have the skill, pay someone who does, If you don’t have time, partner up with someone that has time.

I don’t have time, nor skill in most of the things that I do and in most of the things that make me money as a Catholic entrepreneur.

  • I can’t code.
  • I suck with finances.
  • I’m not good at marketing
  • and so on…

Yup… that’s right.  I’m pretty much useless in most respects.

BUT…  what makes me and my products and services successful is knowing how to side-step these constraints and in a variety of ways.

Why I Love Outsourcing

I learned quickly that in order to have more time with my family and to also build a business, I would need to find and hire people that could do most of my work for me.  My biggest constraint wasn’t money, it was time.

Most people who are starting out in business, or don’t have a business, think in the following way:

I know that it takes a lot of time, but I can do all of the work so that I can keep all of the profit.

For me, that’s a horrible proposition…  my wife doesn’t like it either.

I outsource a lot of my work – primarily from the Philippines.  I do this because in order to build a true business you need to build something bigger than yourself.

Which would you prefer, working 40 hours on a project that makes you $10000 profit.  Or work 1 hour on the same project and net $6000?

A lot of people would prefer the first…. because hey… an extra $4K.

Let’s brek this down though.  If you were to do it all yourself your hourly rate would be $10000/40, which is $250 an hour.

$250 an hour isn’t a bad deal right?  I’m guessing that’s more than you make right now on an hourly basis.

However, what would be your hourly rate if you outsourced the project for $4000 and spent only an hour on it?  Well… $6000/1 = $6000/hr

I like $6000 an hour a lot better.  While you are working on the one project, I’ll be out and about selling 2, 3, 4 or more projects that all take 1 hour of my time.

How to outsource to the Philippines

If you outsource to the Philippines are you going to be spending $4K on a project?  Probably not.

The most important thing to get out of this post is that is time and skill are your biggest constraints, you shouldn’t be doing things yourself.

Personally, I recommend outsourcing to the Philippines.  Most Filipinos have a great work ethic, you can hire someone full-time for as little as $300 a month depending on what they are doing and where they live in the Philippines, and for the most part they understand real American English.

I was going to create some training on how to do this, but one of the absolute best ways to learn is from the one who taught me how to Outsource, John Jonas.  He does a free webinar every week and taakes you step by step through the whole process of outsourcing.

You can check out the free webinar here.

I’ve been using the things that are taught in the webinar for over 4 years now and have one virtual assistant that has been working with me for over 3 years now.

If time is your primary constraint, and you are in a position to hand your work off to someone else, you definitely want to check his free training.




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