Four Resources For Starting Your Business

The rules of starting a business have changed.

They’re changing even as we speak, and evolving rapidly.

Where do you begin to learn how to navigate the waters? How can you learn the new fundamentals of business, internet marketing, audience building, and product creation?

Great question! I am on this journey myself, so here is what I have found helpful:

Productive Catholic Courses

These are our very own courses right here on Productive Catholic.

Learn the essentials of using wordpress for your business, business ideas, how to start your businesss, how to become a Catholic author, and how to overcome procrastination and find time to work on your projects.

Listen to our podcast as well to keep up with the latest business ideas and how we as Catholics can succeed in this area.

The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle show is a podcast and site dedicated to helping people start their businesses and succeed.

Humorous, goofy, at times mildly vulgar, the three hosts have lots of good ideas you can glean from.

micro1Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a giant of internet marketing teachers. You need to listen to his show and read his stuff if only to know what people are talking about in this realm (and I can assure you that you will get many good nuggets of wisdom from it). He talks about email autoresponders, how to podcast, how to find ideas and execute on them, and more.

The Entreprogrammers

This one is especially for software developers and techies, but it has ideas for all people.

They are four programmers who have started their own businesses with varying degrees of success. Some of this will be over your head, but you will still get excellent tips for things you can do. I learned about KingSumo giveaways through it and built my list up from 250 to 1250 subscribers in one week using it.

Once you find one of these shows, you will hear them discuss many others. You can then check those out and find the ones that resonate with you. I listen to a few other podcasts and subscribe to more sites, but these have been the most helpful to me thus far.

If you have shows that are helping you learn about how to start your business, please comment below and tell us about them!

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