An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing – It's Easier Than Your Think


The vast majority of Catholic bloggers know about Google Adsense, but rarely have I seen some that use affiliate sales to produce revenue from their website.  I am going to file this particular video under digital products since being an affiliate – for the most part – entails marketing for an electronic product or service.…

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Catholic Business Strategies: Creating a Digital Product, Part 2

ipod shuffle

In this module, you’ll see just how easy it is to create a Catholic business by producing digital products and putting them for sale on your website.  Following on the previous module, I am going to show you an example of a digital product that I made and sell over on one of my other…

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Catholic Business Strategies: Creating a Digital Product, Part 1

White Box

One of the easiest ways to start a Catholic business is to create a digital product. While most Catholics have blogs, very few ever try to create products and sell them on that blog. Back when the Internet was still young, people needed a way to be able to take credit card information and have…

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Catholic Marketing: An Introduction To Getting Your Business Noticed


Although there are a lot of Catholics out there with great ideas, one of the most important aspects that is often missed by entrepreneurial Catholics is marketing.  Sometimes it’s just a lack of understanding about the ways in which you can reach your audience, but if nobody knows that your product or service exists then…

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Social Media Extreme: My Strategy For Using Social Networking Platforms for Business


In this module I want to share with you the quick and efective tips that have helped me use various social media platforms to effectively market my business.  I do not do any direct marketing.  The success of my business lies in the opportunities presented by some of the most amazing and generous people I’ve…

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Why You Need to Position Yourself Rather Than Advertise

We are still in the fundamentals – BUT se are no longer learning about how to sell, yay! Now we are going to get to the strategic stuff. This is the stuff that is going to get people talking about you and raving about you to all of their friends and family. In this module…

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How To Create an An Amazing Sales Plan

In this module you’ll learn how to make a quick sales plan that will help you to not only make more money in your Catholic business, but to also target the right clients/customers.  A sales plan helps to guide you to finding your most ideal client and cuts the fat so you can give them…

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Fundamentals of Selling: 3 – 5 Self-Selling Questions

Selling is all about breaking down the barriers that people automatically put up when they hear an offer.  One of the best ways to help folks to see the value of your product is to know what questions to ask that help them to sell themselves.  We all go through this process when we are…

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Fundamentals of Selling: Pain Vs. Pleasure

In this module we talk about how to find what motivates a customer to buy something from you.  We talk about the pain element and the pleasure element of selling and how as a Catholic, the solution that you provide to both of these is something that is beneficial and good. You’ll also learn why…

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The Fundamentals: The Importance of Perfecting Your 30 Second Pitch

One of the most important aspects of selling a service or a product is your 30-second pitch. Your pitch determines whether or not the door will be opened to further discussion with a prospect. A thirty-second pitch doesn’t just fit into the service industry. Products and blogs use them all of the time to engage,…

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