004 PC Podcast: Effectively Working and Studying with JR Duboc

Catholics Being Productive at Work and School

In this episode, our first special guest – J.R. Duboc – talks about how he manages to balance his busy work, doctoral studies, and Catholic spiritual life.  Not only that, he still manages  to find time to write articles for this blog!  Amazing.  I also answer an email question from a seminarian that desires to…

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003 PC Podcast: Autofocus for Catholics

Catholic Autofocus

Although there are a lot of Catholic GTD lovers out there (yes, trust me there are), I am not one of them.  Don’t get me wrong, GTD is leaps ahead of other productivity systems, but the system of choice for this Catholic is Autofocus. Now, I know what you are going to say, “what is…

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002 PC Podcast: Getting Things Done for Catholics

Getting Things Done for Catholics

In this episode, thanks to some listener feedback from Fran with the Little Sisters of the Poor, we delve a little more deeply into Getting Things Done and how you can use it in your daily Catholic work life.  Whether you are a lay person at a normal 8-to-5 job, or religious, GTD can definitely…

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001 Productive Catholic Podcast: Networking and Productivity

productive catholic podcast logo

In this episode I give a HUGE thank you to some folks that sent in some emails recently.  God has been tugging at my heart to return to updating Productive Catholic on a more consistent basis, and the feedback that I’ve received from some of you really confirmed that God wants me to continue. I…

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