Taking the Secrets and Mystery Out of Search Engine Optimization


So many people pay big bucks to have a company do Search-Engine Optimization for them because they think it’s some mysterious skill that only a select few know. The funny thing is that most search engines have courses or help files that tell you exactly how to optimize your site in order rank well and…

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WordPress and SEO 101

Wordpress Logo

If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’d know that I am a big WordPress fanboy.  I truly believe that it is THE BEST platform out there to create sites with, and I also believe that every parish site should be using it to set up their  parish website. Why? Well, aside from being free…

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Introduction to Business Social Networking and Internet Marketing

The recording below is of a talk that my business partner and I gave for a local facilities management professional organization.  The talk was more like a discussion panel so there is a lot of questions and answers through the entire talk.  Even though it may be a little scattered, the content is REALLY good.

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The Catholic Philosophy of Work and Business (Free)

In this audio we discover what the Church believes about work and business.  There are a lot of Catholics that are afraid to create something of value that is not explicitly Catholic.  Unfortunately, this fear is comething that stops us as Catholic from bringing tremendous good into the world. What could you do if you…

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