Making a Catholic Side Project Work

I just released my first iOS app, called Pray: the Catholic Novena App. In this post, I don’t want to focus so much on the app itself but on the process by which it came about. Neighborly Friendship Two years ago I moved into a suburban neighborhood. We noticed the family across the street had…

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035 PC Podcast: Programmer’s Back Pain and Business Building

productive catholic podcast

Don’t think that you have something to share that could potentially bring a lot of eyes and ears to your website?  Think again… In this episode Devin shares how he took one of his major pains (literally) and turned it into an opportunity to market his new blog in a major way. It all started…

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Brandon Vogt’s Review of the Saint Thomas Institute

New Saint Thomas Institute

I was perusing Brandon Vogt’s site the other day and I stumbled across something really cool.  Brandon is a huge advocate for the New Saint Thomas Institute – a membership site where you can learn theology and apologetics, while at the same time feed orphans and the poor. I’m not going to go into a…

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7 Ways to Automate Your Catholic Business

Automating Your Catholic Business

Most likely if you own a Catholic Business you are a hard worker – and that’s great!  The problem is that if you really want to be effective in your business you not only want to work hard, but you want to build something that’s bigger than yourself. In this article I want to share…

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5 Awesome Benefits of Using Facebook Groups for Business

facebook group benefits

For the last few years my business has had a secret weapon that literally brings new customers to my door every day without spending any money on marketing or advertising.  It’s a secret that is out in the open but hardly anyone uses it outside of the Internet Marketing realm.  The secret is Facebook Groups.…

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The Perils of Pricing Things the Wrong Way


So, I recently got an email that I just had to share, mainly because it proves what I’ve been saying for a while.  The message came from a company that creates apps that I’ve used for years now as an Amazon seller and they are one of the top Amazon price scanning apps on the…

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020 PC Podcast: Social Media and The Church with Brandon Vogt

In this episode I had the great pleasure of interviewing an amazing Catholic author, Brandon Vogt.  Brandon is the author of the blog The Thin Veil and of the book The Church and New Media. As you can guess, the majority of what we talk about in this episode is how Catholics can use social…

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An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing – It's Easier Than Your Think


The vast majority of Catholic bloggers know about Google Adsense, but rarely have I seen some that use affiliate sales to produce revenue from their website.  I am going to file this particular video under digital products since being an affiliate – for the most part – entails marketing for an electronic product or service.…

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