Making a Catholic Side Project Work

I just released my first iOS app, called Pray: the Catholic Novena App. In this post, I don’t want to focus so much on the app itself but on the process by which it came about. Neighborly Friendship Two years ago I moved into a suburban neighborhood. We noticed the family across the street had…

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5 ways to put “becoming a saint” at the top of your to-do list

Saint Patrick Cross

When taking new resolutions or starting anything, it helps to be a little pragmatic, almost materialistic: how much is it going to cost? How long will it take? etc. It’s no good to be all pie in the sky if you don’t actually do anything concrete.
But as Christians, especially as Catholics, all our work down here has only one purpose: becoming saints. So this should be our #1 priority, and our productivity system need to be ordered towards that one goal. But how does it work?
Let me suggest 5 ways to walk order our productivity system towards sainthood, because after all, if we’re thriving for anything else, are we really productive catholics?

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009 PC Podcast: Moving from Blogger to WordPress

A microphone

I love when I get feedback! It makes it so much easier to do a podcast. Last week I got an email from Terry Miller asking the following: Hello, I was listening to your podcast #008 and you mentioned switching from blogger to wordpress. I just started a blog using blogger and wish I would…

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008 PC Podcast: Why You Should Outsource

Catholic outsourcing

Probably a touchy subject, but it’s seriously time for a little bit of turbo-charged productivity via Catholic outsourcing.  One things that folks with Catholic jobs in a parish or church organization need to learn is that outsourcing is a great way to get a lot of things done.  Thankfully, because of the technologically wonderful world…

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007 PC Podcast: Intros, Outros, and Awesome Music

Cassete Recorder for Podcasting

Well folks, I finally got my first voicemail feedback last week after begging you for over a month. Yes, Devin Rose from St. Joseph’s Vanguard sent me a message asking me a couple of questions.  First, he wanted to know how I made my video intros and outros.  Also, he asked how I found the…

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006 PC Podcast: Getting Things Done with The Daily Saint

Mike St. Pierre

If you are looking for another Catholic site that melds work, productivity, and spirituality – then look no further. The Daily Saint, run by Mike St. Pierre, is a fantastic blog/podcast that really hits at the heart of the Catholic word ethic. He has a plethora of resources to help you kick butt at work…

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005 PC Podcast: Interview with Matthew Warner from flockNote

Mathhew Warner, the creator of flockNote

If you are involved with Catholic social media, then you will love this interview. This episode features Matthew Warner, the creator of flockNote and the author of the blog Fallible Blogma. We discuss how a father, husband, and Catholic managed to become an entrepreneur and create a valuable service to parishes and catholic organizations around…

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003 PC Podcast: Autofocus for Catholics

Catholic Autofocus

Although there are a lot of Catholic GTD lovers out there (yes, trust me there are), I am not one of them.  Don’t get me wrong, GTD is leaps ahead of other productivity systems, but the system of choice for this Catholic is Autofocus. Now, I know what you are going to say, “what is…

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002 PC Podcast: Getting Things Done for Catholics

Getting Things Done for Catholics

In this episode, thanks to some listener feedback from Fran with the Little Sisters of the Poor, we delve a little more deeply into Getting Things Done and how you can use it in your daily Catholic work life.  Whether you are a lay person at a normal 8-to-5 job, or religious, GTD can definitely…

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001 Productive Catholic Podcast: Networking and Productivity

productive catholic podcast logo

In this episode I give a HUGE thank you to some folks that sent in some emails recently.  God has been tugging at my heart to return to updating Productive Catholic on a more consistent basis, and the feedback that I’ve received from some of you really confirmed that God wants me to continue. I…

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