(Product Promo) How to Start An Amazing Catholic Business

Hey everybody!  For a long time now I have been longing to build a course that was focused on helping Catholics to become entrepreneurs.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, you don’t have to open up a Catholic bookstore to own a Catholic business – and that’s what I want to teach in this course.…

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010 PC Podcast: Project Management Software – Which Should You Use?


Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.  You can leave us voicemail feedback on our feedback line at 714-643-5301 In this episode, Jared Dees from The Religion Teacher and also from Prayer Habits asks a question about what project management he should use when building websites for local Catholic schools?  I mention that although I have…

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3 Ways to Create a Catholic Blog That Also Makes Money

Let’s just say it and get it over with – Catholics are really bad at business (myself included).  Yes there are the rare public speakers that sell their recordings and books for a good amount, but for the vast majority it’s a very lonely business road if you are Catholic. Why is that?  Why do…

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