Making a Catholic Side Project Work

Pray Catholic Novena app

I just released my first iOS app, called Pray: the Catholic Novena App. In this post, I don’t want to focus so much on the app itself but on the process by which it came about. Neighborly Friendship Two years ago I moved into a suburban neighborhood. We noticed the family across the street had…

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Four Resources For Starting Your Business


The rules of starting a business have changed. They’re changing even as we speak, and evolving rapidly. Where do you begin to learn how to navigate the waters? How can you learn the new fundamentals of business, internet marketing, audience building, and product creation? Great question! I am on this journey myself, so here is…

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Why Catholic Bloggers Should Be Writing Books


I read lots of Catholic blogs. For some I’m one of the only readers. Others have a few scores of followers, and some have hundreds or more. I recently shared a friend’s excellent apologetics post on facebook, and it got lots more shares from friends. This friend has a Catholic apologetics blog I’ve followed for…

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7 Ways to Grow as a Catholic Entrepreneur

catholic entreprenur tracks

It’s funny, there are some things that you would never expect to happen as an entrepreneur before starting a business.  If you want to know what it’s like to follow God, live completely by faith, and live dangerously at the same time – owning a business is the way to do it. It’s pretty obvious…

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Devin Rose Has Hacked the System

Collaboration concept in word tag cloud

Greetings Productive Catholic readers! I am thrilled to announce that Devin Rose has joined with me on Productive Catholic. Devin and I have been friends for several years and collaborated on various evangelistic endeavors together. We have some exciting things planned here, but for now I’ll let Devin introduce himself. Thanks Dean! I’m looking forward…

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Free Webinar: Becoming a Published Catholic Author with Devin Rose


Hey everybody!  I’m super excited to share that I’ll be doing a free webinar with Devin Rose, author of The Protestant’s Dilemma and Farm Flop on December 4th, 2014 at 4PM PST. Devin is going to be sharing how he is a able to pump out a book in record time while having a full-time…

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10 Tips I Learned About Business That I Wish I Knew Earlier

you can do it

Below is a post that I did on the Warrior Forum that I thought would also be helpful here.  I hope that this helps out in some way 😉 While I don’t write on WF a lot, I’ve been on this forum for years and the people on the forum have been instrumental in my…

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Book Review: The Silent Sales Machine


I’ve been getting into a daily regiment of book reading in the morning.  Brian Tracy (motivational speaker and businessman) recommends that you do at least one hour of reading in the morning (it can be anything as long as it’s uplifting or training your mind in some way.  Very similar to Saint Escriva’s view). I…

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More Catholic Business Ideas… Sort of…


catholic business ideas I wrote about a ton of Catholic business ideas in other articles, so in this post I wanted to touch on one idea that very few people talk about. The cool thing about this “secret” idea is that it’s perfect for Catholics that are looking to make some side income but are…

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It Is Finished…


Well, today is the big day.  It only took a little over 5 years but it’s finally happened…  I’m on my own…  all  alone… Nothing to be sad about though, it’s nice to be alone – at least in this case. Two weeks ago on the feast of Saint Therese I put in my two-week…

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