Why Catholic Bloggers Should Be Writing Books

I read lots of Catholic blogs. For some I’m one of the only readers. Others have a few scores of followers, and some have hundreds or more. I recently shared a friend’s excellent apologetics post on facebook, and it got lots more shares from friends. This friend has a Catholic apologetics blog I’ve followed for…

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Taking the Secrets and Mystery Out of Search Engine Optimization


So many people pay big bucks to have a company do Search-Engine Optimization for them because they think it’s some mysterious skill that only a select few know. The funny thing is that most search engines have courses or help files that tell you exactly how to optimize your site in order rank well and…

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WordPress and SEO 101

Wordpress Logo

If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’d know that I am a big WordPress fanboy.  I truly believe that it is THE BEST platform out there to create sites with, and I also believe that every parish site should be using it to set up their  parish website. Why? Well, aside from being free…

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3 Ways to Create a Catholic Blog That Also Makes Money

Let’s just say it and get it over with – Catholics are really bad at business (myself included).  Yes there are the rare public speakers that sell their recordings and books for a good amount, but for the vast majority it’s a very lonely business road if you are Catholic. Why is that?  Why do…

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009 PC Podcast: Moving from Blogger to WordPress

A microphone

I love when I get feedback! It makes it so much easier to do a podcast. Last week I got an email from Terry Miller asking the following: Hello, I was listening to your podcast #008 and you mentioned switching from blogger to wordpress. I just started a blog using blogger and wish I would…

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Tumblr Adds Video to Their iPhone App

If there wasn’t enough reasons to love Tumblr over Posterous, they finally sealed the deal with me when they released their latest addition to their iPhone app – video blogging capability!  For those of you that don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s a quick blogging platform that aims to allow you to blog your life…

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Support a Catholic Speaker 2009 is Over, Done, Finished!

If you are deep into the Catholic blogging community, then this post will be of no surprise to you.  So, over at Fallible Blogma, Matt Warner had a really cool idea about Catholic bloggers supporting Catholic speakers by writing about who they were. At first I was like, meh. I’ve heard a lot of Catholic…

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Build a Blog and Impress Your Friends

I got a question from a fan named Laura – who also happens to be my cousin – about her need to express herself.  Her question goes a little something like this: “Dean, I need my own blog…….STAT! I have things on my mind that I need to get out! Help a sista out!” Needless…

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Why I Chose Tumblr Over Posterous

I recently started another blog that will basically act as the hub for all of my blogging and entrepreneurial ventures.  The site is www.deansoto.com and it’s a place that I can let my hair down (so to speak) and be a little less formal than I am on this blog and at Pro Sulum. Anyway,…

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Learn How to Use WordPress from the Pros

Makeuseof.com has a great article that displays some of the latest and greatest tutorials about WordPress.  If you don’t know what WordPress is, it is basically only the best blogging platform out on the Interwebs.  If you are a blogger and are not using a self-hosted WordPress blog, you are seriously missing out.  There is…

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