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  • q-iconWhy become a Productive Catholic Instructor?

    As a Productive Catholic instructor, you are able to tap into an already existing audience and marketing platform.  That means that you don’t have to spend years trying to get other Catholics to hear your message, you already have access to them.  Plus, you get to share your knowledge and experience that would otherwise never be shared with other Catholics in a fun ans easy way!

  • q-iconIs it easy to do?

    Yes!  All of the tools in our platform are super easy.  You can create a course that has video, audio, PDFs, Powerpoint slides, or just text! You have full control over the syllabus and curriculum, the pricing, promotions and coupons, and much much more!  If you can record your computer screen or teach in front of an iPhone, you are good to go!  We accept all sorts of topics from all sorts of Catholics!

  • q-iconHow much can I earn?

    We want you to succeed and to get the most out of our platform, that’s why we give you 70% (after processing fees) of all of the revenue that your course generates! We pay you every month PLUS we market on your behalf 24/7 so that others will find your course and enroll.  These are people that you would have never reached before!

  • q-iconHow do I apply to become an instructor?

    Just fill out the form below with your information and with the course topic(s) you wish to teach.  We will take a look at your application and let you know if it’s approved ASAP.  After you’ve submitted your application, enroll in our free course showing you how to create your first course by clicking this link.

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