Dean speaking at the Social Media Summit in Orange County

Hello, My Name is Dean Soto

All of my life I thought that I was called to be a priest.  After leaving the Church and coming back, I was on fire with the Holy Spirit and with the Catholic Church and I wanted everyone to experience the joy that I felt so what better way to do that than to be a priest, right?

Well…  In 2003 my plans changed…

While in the music ministry and Saint Bonaventure Parish in Huntington Beach, CA, I noticed the most beautiful woman I had ever seen one of the front pews of the church.  After growing enough courage to ask her out on a date, one thing led to another and my plan to become a priest was foiled by God’s plan to make me a father and husband. (I didn’t mind the change in plans, actually).

A new challenge presented itself though…

My wife and I wanted to raise a family in the traditional way.  You know, the way that was practiced for thousands of years.  My wife wanted to raise our kids and give all of her motherly attention and love to them.  The problem was that there was no way in heck we were going to make that happen because even with the moth of us working we were barely making ends meet.

After a series of incidents I decided to try my hand at starting a side-business….

Long story short, I failed most of the time; I wasted a lot of time and money; I also almost had lost our house because of some business deals that went awry.


Despite all of the pain and failure God’s grace and providence prevailed and my failing side-business eventually became a thriving side-business that allowed my wife to stay at home with the kids and for us to live the life that we felt God intended.

I’m not a genius. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I still don;t know what I’m doing half of the time…

But I know that I’m doing God’s will by working hard to protect and provide for my family. It’s my desire to help others to do the same thing that I did.

What is Productive Catholic?

Productive Catholic is a blog that was created to help myself and other Catholics find meaning in their work, life, vocation, and the Church.  I am an entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, father and husband, and a productivity freak.  My passion is helping other Catholic dads develop side-income streams to provide more security for their families.

What is the One Thing I Should Take Away from Your Blog?

My main purpose is to help Catholics Dads become better providers through developing entrepreneurial skills and to help them make time to fulfill that role.  Everybody has talents and abilities that are vital to the Catholic Church and others.  We need more business people, marketers, artists, and other talented individuals to help the Church spread the Gospel.  Not everyone is a theologian or philosopher, and that’s okay, but all men have the ability to learn how to sell, market, and create things that benefit others and their families.

Wait, are you one of those guys that make money teaching how to make money but don’t really do anything?’

No…  those guys suck.  There is no get rich quick, push-button, make money in your sleep in less than a week schemes that actually work.  The only way to develop solid side-business skills is to WORK HARD and have the basic fundamentals of business down.

I currently have a full-time job and I also have a side-business working with my cousin and business partner Brett.  We teach people how to sell online and also run a service that makes it so people can sell on Amazon, eBay, and other channels.  You can join our 1800+ member private entrepreneur Facebook Group here. (Just shoot me an email at dean (at} prosulum dott {com) and I will approve you).

No seriously, Catholics aren’t Internet Marketers… You are a scammer huh?

Geez… for the last time, I’m a Catholic father (and believe everything the Magesterium says) with a side-business where I teach folks how to sell online and also help do it for them.  don’t believe me?  Here are some of my customer testimonials for my software business  and my other businesses:

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I love helping people and I love what I do. If you are a Catholic that wants to learn the skills needed to make extra income on the side for your family Sign up for my free 4-video side-income series.    God is good and I want to help as many Catholics as possible to start thriving side-businesses.