5 Traits Every Catholic Husband and Dad Needs to Succeed

Catholic men virtues

As I’m sitting here in the coffee shop, I can’t help but think of how good God is and how much he blesses us husbands and dads.  Because of that, I thought I’d write a quick post on some of the traits that I feel are important for a good husband and father and how God blesses those that strive for these traits.  Believe me, I am still working on these big time…


First and foremost a great Catholic husband needs to be a man of prayer.  There is no way around it, things are going to get hard, and the only way to survive when it gets tough is to be a man of prayer.

Not to long ago a friend of mine and someone that I did business with took his life.  He literally just had a newborn and the incident was a shock.  Being a husband and father is super difficult and having what seems to be the world on your shoulders trying to provide for your family can be overwhelming.  Pray for my friend, and pray for all of the fathers out there that are struggling to protect and provide for their families.

You need to pray for your fatherly vocation and that you’d be able to weather the storm that comes with the responsibility.


As man, and especially as a husband and father (I’m just going to use HAF from now on) you need to be fearless.  Hold on though, fearlessness is not the same as rashness. Rashness is just doing things for the sake of doing with without any regard for anyone else.

True fearlessness takes into account multiple things.  First, the fearless man is in touch with reality.  He understands that if his finances aren’t a certain way that he can’t quit his job.  He knows that if the economy is shaky that he needs to prepare for layoffs.  He can see that if he doesn’t have the skills necessary for specific employment positions in his area that he better start doing something now to learn them.

Second, the true fearless man takes others into account.  He consults with his wife and his peers, usually has a mentor that guides him on his next steps, and makes an educated executive decision based on the betterment of others rather than his own passions.

Third, a true fearless HAF acts.  He doesn’t let laziness or difficulty paralyze him.  When he sees the path to take, he takes it even if he is scared.


A good HAF is not lazy.  He doesn’t spend tons of time watching television.  In fact, his primary focus is bettering himself in every way.  Whether it’s learning Latin, running a business, getting a degree, a good HAF is always bettering himself.

Now, bettering yourself can be pretty much anything that is going to better you or your family.  I’m pretty sure that getting to a higher level on World of Warcraft is not benefiting your family unless you are a professional gamer.


The time will come when you, a good HAF, need to get scrappy.  What I mean is that you will find yourself having to scrounge and be creative in order to save your family from a bad situation.  This is where all of your self-betterment comes into play.  An awesome HAF will do whatever he can, use whatever skills he has, and never stop trying until he gets his family out of a bad situation.


Last but not least, a good HAF needs to have a good sense of humor.  Who doesn’t like a person that is happy and laughs all of the time?  Having a family is serious business but a family can’t survive if there is no happiness. Bring joy and happiness to your family and it will thrive :).

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  • Jean-Rémy Duboc

    Reply Reply September 29, 2014

    Aaaaah, why didn’t I come back to your blog sooner Dean! Always so much inspiration, really refreshing.
    God bless!

    • dean soto

      Reply Reply October 2, 2014

      LOL! What’s up JR! More good things to come, man!! 😉

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