3 Ways to Get More Done In Your Catholic Business

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This isn’t going to be your typical “productivity” article.  Rather than talking about just getting more done, the goal of this post is to help you to getting more important things done in your Catholic business.  Keep in mind that this is only focusing on the business part of your life and not anything else.  So before I get comments saying that I’m teaching Catholics to be greedy or whatever, chill…

But… before we get into the meat of the post I want to give you the why for writing this.

The toughest things for entrepreneurs is not to get things done but to get the right things done.  It took me close to 4 years to get into the habit of focusing only on the things that were going to make my business money, benefit others, or grow my skillset.  I’m pretty certain that all entrepreneurs chase after shiny objects all of the time – and I am/was no exception.  So hopefully this will help you to get in the habit of only worrying about the things that matter in your business.

Build up what’s working until it’s bigger than you

So as mentioned before we entrepreneurs can’t help but chase after anything that’s shiny.  Whether it’s a training course, a new business idea, or a new piece of technology for your business there is going to be the temptation to stop what you are working on right now and chase after those things.


I’m not saying not to check the things out and see how they may fit into your business or help, but never, ever, ever let them take you away from what’s already working.  In other words, if you are in the middle of building up your beanie-making business or web development agency – keep building those up.  You need the core of your business to be running without you or with minimal supervision before you jump over to the next thing. 

Just to give you an example, I didn’t move on to building out the Online Empire Academy until Magic Action Box was pretty much selling without me.  On top of that, my business partner and I didn’t start Brett’s Buying Network until the Online Empire Academy was set running without a ton of supervision.

If this means a year or two of focus on a single project – so be it. ;). (As long as it’s generating some revenue)

Joint venture with other entrepreneurs

This has been the bread and butter of my businesses.  Just about everything that has been successful for me has come from a joint venture.  The really cool thing about doing a JV too is that you get to help someone else with their business (or if you are both in the same business that’s even better).

The key to a good joint venture though is that you need to partner up with someone that 1. Has a skillset that you don’t have, and 2. They need to be another successful entrepreneur (By successful I mean they should have earned at least some revenue before on their own).  I’ve seen a lot of JVs happen in which both parties had no clue how to sell anything and they ended up crashing and burning.

The thing that I really love about teaming up with another person is that it allows you to quickly build something.  For example, with my information product business with my business partner, he had the knowledge that people wanted and the connections to market that knowledge and I had the ability to create products and build membership sites.  In less than a week we had a membership site up and were making revenue.

By far, this is one of the best ways to focus only on things that matter because you have someone else that’s keeping you accountable too.

Invest in yourself (Only in training that fits your model though)

Lastly, you need to invest in yourself and in your business constantly. Of course, you don’t want to lose your focus on the things you are currently working on, but a true business owner reinvests.

More often than I can count I’ve seen newbie business owners take their initial profit and use it to buy some luxury item, put it into savings, or do some other thing to lose it.

You NEVER want to use your profit on anything except building up your business when you are first starting out.  You see this a lot with folks that don’t want to let go of control in their business and rather than reinvest and hire someone they end up plateauing in their revenue growth and ultimately burn out.

The same goes with reinvesting into training.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve spent well over $15,000 in training over the years and it’s all been worth it and has helped me to build systematic businesses that run without me for the most part.

I love knowing that when someone signs up for my Productive Catholic training they are taken care of, and when they become customers of any products that I have they are shown how much I appreciate their business and are taken through the product without me having to manage everything (you’ll see what I mean when you become a customer) ;). All of my systems come from investing in courses and products that make all of it happen.  They fit my model.


Anyway, the point is that when you get in the habit of doing only the important things in your business you will start to see awesome things happening.  Stay away from the shiny objects and you’ll be sitting pretty. 🙂

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