036 PC Podcast: Putting More Power Into Your Time

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What’s up Productive Catholic people? I am super excited to present you with the next podcast episode. It’s been about two weeks since the last podcast and there is good reason for that. I promise that will get back on to the weekly schedule as soon as possible.

In this episode we have two really cool topics. The first is all about WordPress themes that you can use for your parish. There are a ton of Catholic parishes out there that have websites that are from the dawn of time. They don’t engage their audience, they don’t evangelize well, and they are mainly used just to figure out when Mass times are. Well, there are a lot of opportunities out there with WordPress to revamp your parish website without having to break the bank. I recommend looking ThemeForest.net to check out some of the amazing themes that they have for churches. I’m excited to talk about this topic, which came from Father Alden via email.

The second topic of this podcast is all about the difference between managing time and what you do with the time that you are managing. In other words it’s not just about carving up time throughout your day, it’s about what you do during that time that makes all of the difference. I talk about how a project that took more than three years to really get started has now taken less than a month to complete simply by focusing on the tasks that moved the project forward.

If you want to leave voicemail feedback for the podcast you can give us a call at 714-643-5301.  We love to hear your feedback and it adds a tremendous amount of value not only to you but to the rest of our listeners.

We have a lot more exciting stuff coming up soon so stay tuned. Also, if you haven’t checked out learn.productivecatholic.com definitely check it out and join some of the free courses that we have their. We’ll have more instructors over the next year building out some amazing courses.

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