035 PC Podcast: Programmer’s Back Pain and Business Building

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Don’t think that you have something to share that could potentially bring a lot of eyes and ears to your website?  Think again…

In this episode Devin shares how he took one of his major pains (literally) and turned it into an opportunity to market his new blog in a major way. It all started with programmer’s back pain.

You see, Devin is a programmer, and on of the things that happens to a lot of people who code for a living is that they start to develop a lot of repetitive stress injuries and injuries that are the result of sitting down for many hours.  It totally sucks, but that’s what happens.

Well, Devin used this opportunity to create a huge blog post that goes through all of the things that he has tried to do to relieve his back pain.

Now, he didn’t stop there…

How Programmer’s Back Pain Turned into Income

After he wrote the post he started promoting his post on several already high traffic platforms.  One of those platforms was Reddit.  He went to a sub-section of Reddit that is strictly for programmers and let them know that he wrote a post on programmer’s back pain and how he has dealt with it.

He began to get traffic immediately… and the party didn’t stop there.

He also tweeted out his blog post to high-level programmers that also had the same problem, and he even got his tweet favorited by a really famous coder that has programmer’s back pain.

I almost forgot to mention that the post Devin created had a bunch of affiliate links in it too that has already made money for him.  Cool huh?

The point of all of this is to show that you have talents, abilities, and knowledge that can be shared and be used to make money.  If Devin can make money from a post about programmer’s back pain, you can make money too with what you know.

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