031 PC Podcast: The Pros and Cons of Dropshipping

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Got a really cool email that goes with this episode.  Patrick, who is a father of 7, always aspired to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to start.  However, he was attracted to a business model called dropshipping.

Here’s what his email said:

I have seen way too many scams and I find it very hard to tell what is legitimate and what is garbage.
I have wanted to do something entrepreneurial for years.  But I don’t want a small business that is like a second job which will take even more time away from my family.
So I was thinking of selling products online.  I found plenty of drop-shipping suppliers and thought of making an online store somewhere.  I have no business background.  I have no idea how to sell or promote products or services.  I do not know how to advertise and market anything.  I have little money to advertise and even if I had money I am not sure what type of advertising drives traffic to a website.
Ironically, I am software developer so I know how to MAKE websites but NO IDEA how to sell things on websites.  I even thought about doing side jobs but there are tens of thousands of guys out there willing to do more work for far less money than I would charge per hour (IT consulting).
I would appreciate your advice.  Thank you.
So… Patrick!  First, thanks for the email.  Second, in this episode I go through the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping AND how to save yourself 6 months to a year of work.
If you haven’t got the Silent Sales Machine yet, you need to get it, read it, and understand it.  They reason I say that is because everything that most people think about e-commerce is WRONG.  In the episode I talk about what’s actually wrong and why you need to change your mindset in order to be a successful online seller and so you don’t spend years spinning your wheels.
Also, we are starting to to LIVE PODCASTS.  You can join me live while I’m doing these episodes and you can ask questions after the fact.  Even if you can’t make it, register and you’ll get the replay that includes the Q & A
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