028 PC Podcast: Overcoming Fear and Taxes in Your Catholic Business

Productive Catholic Podcast

I hope that you are having a wonderful Friday!  I’m super excited to share this podcast with you because it touches on something that is near and dear to my heart…


Don’t be afraid though, I go into how to overcome fear by taking some simple steps.  Mainly we are talking about why we use minor situations to keep us from making major success.  As Catholics and as human beings we are very good at rationalizing.  We are great at finding ways to not do things that are uncomfortable but necessary.

This topic comes from Josh who asks about how to overcome the tax situation when it comes to business. Taxes are scary, but they are not as scary as we make them out to be.  I share why you don’t need to worry about taxes and why there are many more important things to worry about when it comes to growing your business.

AND because Josh took action and was the first person in a long time to send in a question, he is getting Better Business Basics for Free

Great Job Josh!

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