008 PC Podcast: Why You Should Outsource

Catholic outsourcing

Probably a touchy subject, but it’s seriously time for a little bit of turbo-charged productivity via Catholic outsourcing.  One things that folks with Catholic jobs in a parish or church organization need to learn is that outsourcing is a great way to get a lot of things done.  Thankfully, because of the technologically wonderful world that we live in today, it is extremely easy to find talented individuals from around the world to help you get your tasks accomplished.

I’ve been outsourcing a great deal of my work for the last 2 years.  To be completely honest, many of my current projects are done by someone else. Of course, I need to understand what my hired help is doing in order to be successful,  But whether it’s giving a cousin of mine a site to design, having a team in India complete a business application, or having my Filipino virtual assistant help to manage my calendar, being able to let goof a task is a vital part of my being productive.

In this podcast episode, I talk about the why and how of outsourcing.  I also toch a little bit on the morality of outsourcing and why, even though it may be a bad word in America, a Catholic should have no problem with hiring someone from another country to help.

I also give some shout outs to Dorian Speed, Devin Rose, and Jared Dees for their support of productive Catholic.  Oh, and I also give a HUGE thanks to Mike St. Pierre from the Daily Saint for having me on his podcast.  If you get a chance to head over to his site, be sure to check out that episode.

Remember, I’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to give me a call on my voicemail feedback line at 714-643-6501.  I am ready to answer any questions that you may have about having a virtual assistant, or about absolutely anything related to productivity.

By the way, JR Duboc, one of this blog’s writers, is opening up a new business to teach you French the easy way.  It’s called reFrench!  Go check it out!

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  • mike st. pierre

    Reply Reply September 13, 2010

    Thanks for the shout out Dean- keep up the good work!

  • Shaun

    Reply Reply September 13, 2010

    Great ideas and food for thought Dean. 🙂

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