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In this episode I give a HUGE thank you to some folks that sent in some emails recently.  God has been tugging at my heart to return to updating Productive Catholic on a more consistent basis, and the feedback that I’ve received from some of you really confirmed that God wants me to continue. I had good reason to be away, my lovely wife decided that she wants to work full-time, and so I decided to work harder on my side-business so we could make that happen (if you don’t believe me, check out the Wall Street Journal article about it!).  So once again, thank you for the feedback!

I also mention a few sites on interest in these episode.  The first is True Manhood by Dave Dinuzzo, a great blog on manly purity.  Next is Matthew Warner’s site Fallible Blogma, a great social commentray blog from a Catholic perspective.  Lastly, I talk about The Daily Saint, a fantastic Catholic productivity blog done by Mike St. Pierre.  I highly recommend his site, and I even play a little snippet from his podcast. (Maybe I can get him for an interview soon?)

For those that are new to Productive Catholic, I give an overview of the purpose of the site.  Namely not just work as a means to holiness, but efficient valuable work as a means to holiness.  I also touch briefly on tithing your talents and just how valuable your time is.

Since productivity is at the heart of this blog, I give you my top 3 productivity methods: Getting Things Done, Autofocus, and Franklin-Covey.  Which of these are what I use now?  Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out, and why!

Lastly, what makes this blog and everything about it so exciting is your comments, questions, and feedback.  If you have any of those, please leave me a voicemail at 714-643-5301 and you’ll get to hear your voice on the podcast!

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